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Being an importer today has changed. Fees lack transparency, demurrage charges loom, visibility to shipments are lacking, and data management has become highly cumbersome. KlearNow solves them all.

Save Money

  • Save 30-50% on customs clearance with one flat fee per transaction
  • Cloud-based platform - no IT integration costs or set up fees
  • Real-time tracking alerts you to potential demurrage and late charges. If you can see them, you can avoid them

Full Visibility

  • Consolidate all shipments and freight forwarders into one simple dashboard
  • Intelligent document management lets you access critical documents by shipment. No more file cabinets or searching emails to find what you need
  • Real-time communication with your customs broker whenever and from wherever you are


  • AI-driven platform eliminates mistakes by identifying and extracting the right data from critical key documents
  • Proactive data sharing means everyone is aware when anything changes
  • CBP-certified compliance on every shipment

Budgeting Made Easy

Pay per transaction with no hidden pricing and zero IT integration.

Finally, one flat fee per transaction that includes ISF Filing and Customs Clearance
(Cargo Release and Entry Summary).

So simple

No contracts. No integration required. Sign-up in minutes and go!

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How do I get onboarded?

Refer to “how it works” page in the importer page

How do we send documents & how does the shipment get started?
  • Simply email your documents to us and we’ll take it from there (a unique email address will be generated for your company)
  • This email should include the shipping and commercial documents including the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill
Can your system receive data in any format?

Yes, any document that you can send via an email, technology interfaces and uploading documents directly to the KlearNow platform (coming soon)

What are your reporting capabilities?
  • Our platform provides all the necessary data you require and APIs to integrate data with your legacy systems
  • Standard best practice reports available
How are you getting the ocean/ airplane tracking data?

Airplanes and vessels are required to display their locations at all times, we leverage and aggregate commercially available GPS data

Can you export data and or reports?

You can, however we encourage you to use the platform and be paperless

What’s the price range?
  • One flat fee per shipment, price includes: ISF/Entry Summary/ Document Management and visibility of all your shipments on the platform as applicable
  • We don’t charge extra HTS line item fees or any additional PGA fees
  • Volume based discounting available
  • On average we see a 30% to 50% in cost savings for our customers
  • Our platforms detailed visibility enables you to eliminate demurrage and per diem fees
What checks and balances do you have in place to ensure the information uploaded from the documents via AI is accurate?

Our broker partners are required to verify the digital data converted by our AI providing an additional layer of verification

Do you offer final mile visibility?

Yes, we have a Trucker app that can be used by any drayage company to provide final mile tracking and visibility

Start Clearing Customs Now

KlearNow is the first on-demand transparent customs clearance platform connecting Importers, Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers to provide real-time visibility into the entire logistics process.